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dog food

Videka has scientists and technical support team members throughout North America and Europe to support our customers. We collaborate with the best in the industry across pet sensory, food quality, palatability, shelf life testing to ensure that your projects are successful. 

In The Lab

Access to the Experts

We bring together exclusive services in R&D, applications, measurement and market insights across all “food for pets” platforms, supporting ALL of your food protection development needs – in natural antioxidants and antimicrobials.


We are rooted in applied science to fight oxidation naturally; we are focused on next generation innovation. 

Petri Dish

Applied Expertise

We want to collaborate with you and create the right product formulations to meet your testing protocols while adhering to regulatory requirements. 


We provide analytical and sensory support to assess rendered products and pet food performance: dog and cat panel testing, lab testing of markers of oxidation, antioxidant concentrations. We deliver the right molecules to the right place at the right time for each application. 

What can we help you with? 
We help you get the most out of our product so you can get the best value for yours. 

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