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The raw materials and ingredients that make a pet food are highly sensitive and therefore highly susceptible to oxidation. That’s why oxidation management is such an important topic across the pet food supply chain because of the impact that it has on a pet food’s flavor, nutrition, aroma, texture, and palatability. Oxidation can have a lasting impact on your brand long after it leaves your facility and that’s why controlling it is the key to ensuring happy pets and happy pet owners.


Oxidation management is far more than the raw materials and ingredients used, however. Processing methods, storage requirements and your plant/lines setup all play an important role in a product’s and processes’ susceptibility to oxidation. Each customer situation is unique and that is why we work with our partners to customize solutions that address your product development and manufacturing processes.


We collaborate with you to fight oxidation head on by helping you: 



Partnering With Your Unique Processing Method(s)

Whether a product is extruded, baked, freeze-dried, or processed another way, it will impact oxidation differently. We partner with you to understand your unique ways of working and to customize solutions that fit your manufacturing equipment setup and processes with the right antioxidant solutions at the right intervention points.

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Address Today's Raw Material and Ingredients Requirements

The requirements on raw materials and ingredients are presenting renderers and pet food manufacturers with new oxidation challenges as brands attempt to stay aligned with the consumer. Stricter safety requirements, consumer demands for more wholesome and more nutritional ingredients as well as the increasing focus on environmental impact are important to both pets and pet owners.

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Deliver Cleaner Labels

We work with you to address the challenges you face in delivering clean labels for your customers. Our work spans from the high-level: finding cost-effective naturally derived solutions to replace synthetics, investigating new natural extract blends and combinations to fight oxidation, to the specific, such as ingredient replacement (BHA/BHT removal) and understanding the impact of using more wholesome ingredients in a final formulation.

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Clean Label

Contact us to learn more about how our customized solutions can

work for you and your brand.

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