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dog food

What can we help you with? 
We help you get the most out of our product so you can get the best value for yours. 

Videka's blends have proven more effective than competitors' solutions at protecting

finished pet food and pet food ingredients. 


Next Generation Innovation 

Videka is committed to the development of new intellectual property to improve the stability of pet food.

Videka's latest patent gives us the ability to customize and create new pet food protection solutions for today's oxidation issues and paves the way to solving oxidation issues that will inevitably arise as new ingredients, processes and raw materials are introduced to the industry.

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Research Capabilities & Global Applications

Paul H. Todd Research Center in Kalamazoo, MI offers capabilities for research and development, as well as application and sensory testing capabilities. 

Panelis in France, USA and Brazil provides palatability evaluation on dogs and cats as well as specific sensometric methods to assess oxidation in a wide variety of dry food, wet food and treats. 


We utilize Kansas State University and Clemson University for their application capabilities and research devices. 

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