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Our World-Class Labs Offer Free Services

Research and testing are important for pet food manufacturers to understand, refine and provide robust data to ensure the quality and claims of their products. Videka’s state-of-the-art laboratory is designed for total support in shelf-life studies, routine testing on rendered and pet food samples, comparative studies, research, analytical requirements and more to ensure that our partner’s projects are successful. We offer our laboratory service for free to our current and potential customers. customers.

What Tests Are Being Offered?

  • Accelerated and real time shelf-life studies

  • Residual antioxidant check.

  • Quality tests on oxidation (peroxide value and volatile aldehydes) in finished goods.

Why Choose Videka Labs?

  • Testing is free.

  • Capability to run multiple assays.

  • Reliable testing results.

  • Flexible sample submission.

  • Less than 48 hours turnaround from the time the sample is received. The quantitative report we provide can help customers determine oxidation status and whether the choice of antioxidant is optimal for their product and its shelf-life target.

The figure above exhibits the evolution of an oxidation marker in kibble shelf-life over a 12-month time period. The lower bar indicates a lower oxidative status, while the higher bar indicates that more oxidation has occurred in the kibble.

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