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Pet Food Forum 2022 Wraps Up As a Success!

It was great to attend a large, in-person event and get to network with others in the industry. As a first-time attendee, Shanna, Videka's Customer Experience & Business Analytics Manager, said. "It was a great learning experience for me. I really enjoyed meeting more colleagues from Symrise and getting to know more about other businesses in the petfood market and the industry as a whole."

We utilized our meeting room at the Marriott hotel, while also joining a few meetings with the Symrise Team at the conference center. Nico, Videka's Senior Technical Sales & Service Manager said, he was "glad we finally had the chance to meet again face to face with some of our favorite customers, after a 2 years hiatus." Overall, we received a lot of important information and think the meetings we had were a success.

Our business card raffle not only awarded 4 people some great Videka prizes (Northface backpack, Yeti mug, and some branded hats), but also gave our team some valuable new contacts.

A special thanks to Shanna for baking and bringing hundreds of Videka branded cookies! Symrise NAM Marketing, Research and Development Director, Cecile Saint-Paul said, "This was a hit and I believe should become a tradition."

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