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dog food

From inception to product development,

we are a trusted regulatory partner.

We have solid knowledge of FDA labeling and AAFCO compliance requirements and keep abreast of changing regulatory guidelines and policies and how they impact your brand. 

We will collaborate with your product developers on regulatory questions to allow for a more streamlined development process and to ensure accuracy of product documentation.

We have you covered.

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Supplier Compliance:

Videka’s manufacturing processes adhere to strict FSMA compliance protocols, ensuring safe ingredients for our customers’ products.

In order to be the natural alternative for pet food protection in this industry we ensure that our manufacturing facilities are certified through SQF and BRC audits

We also perform an annual audit of product documentation, do supplier compliance reviews of raw material suppliers and raw material screening.

Planning Travels

Global Regulatory Collaboration for Regional Compliance.

We utilize our regulatory partners in Europe, UK, Latin America and Asia Pacific to ensure products will meet customers’ requirements.

With on-going monitoring of the regulatory climate in target regions, we are able to oversee impact on antioxidant and antimicrobial applications.

What can we help you with? 
We help you get the most out of our product so you can get the best value for yours. 

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