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Videka is always on the forefront of new natural extract discoveries, developing natural preservative formulations that are efficient and cost-competitive and continuously working on new tools to assess food spoilage. 

Our scientists' daily activities are focused on:

dog food
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Screening New Botanical Extracts 

Our teams of scientists are actively looking for and testing new botanical extracts for preservative properties. Not only do we look for contenders with the most potent properties, but we also look for molecules that can have synergies with existing solutions and boost their efficacy. 

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Analytical Methods to Evaluate Oxidation

Our lab benefits from a wide range of instruments that allow us to run all the standard analytical methods to evaluate oxidation. Our teams also work on the improvement of certain methods, to increase their sensitivity and robustness and to decrease turnaround times.

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Pet and Human Sensory Analyses

 Videka benefits from the expertise of parent company, Symrise Pet Food and can run sensory analyses on both the pet and human side. Our teams of scientists work on developing methods that specifically address the problem of oxidation from a sensory standpoint.


Product Application Expertise

Our experts have accumulated tremendous knowledge on product's applications thanks to our own pilot plants but also through partnership with universities and companies.

What can we help you with? 

We help you get the most out of our product so you can get the best value for yours. 

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