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A Leader in Natural 
Pet Food Protection
Vertically Integrated
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Vertically Integrated & Globally Sourced Ingredients

  • With the support of 2 global parent companies, Videka has access to vertically integrated and global sourcing to secure the best ingredients. 

  • Kalsec, an industry leader in natural antioxidants, is our source for rosemary, primarily cultivated from their farms in Texas. These farms are 60+years old and 100% of their crops are sustainably grown. 

  • To ensure abundant supply, Kalsec also sources globally from suppliers who are subject to a rigorous approval program. This allows Kalsec and Videka to stay close to the global market.


  • Videka leverages the global reach and presence of our parent companies for expert level sourcing and up to date market information. 

Backed by Science
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Backed by Science and Technical Support Through Our Two World Class Labs


  • Top research and development capabilities for application and sensory testing, palatability evaluations and oxidation assessments. 

  • Videka has two world class analytical labs strategically located in the USA and France to support our customers and their projects in the largest regions for Pet Food Protection customers. 

  • We provide sensory feeding data via Panelis, a state-of-the-art dog and cat panel feeding facility at Symrise Pet Food in Elven, France. 

Competitively Priced
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Competitively Priced Pet food Protection


  • We leverage access to vertically integrated ingredients with strong global procurement to supply solutions that are always competitively priced for the market.   

  • Our products contain high quality, clean, and natural ingredients. 

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Transparent Relationships & Accessible Experts

  • Building strong transparent relationships with customers by sharing in the process of innovation, providing access to our experts, technical knowledge, facilities, methods, reports, and aftermarket support.


  • As a responsible supplier, we are committed to the safety of the people and animals we serve, our employees, and the planet. 

  • Videka co-develops natural food protection solutions to improve the freshness and safety of the customer’s pet food brands as well as providing personalized scientific expertise for customers.

Transparent Relationships
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Next Generation Innovation & Plug-and-Play Alternatives

  • We have regional product lists containing tried and tested products along with matches to our competitors. These are plug-and-play alternatives that can be switched in easily with our support. 

  • We can customize to our individual customer’s needs should they require something outside of our current list. We will support with analytical testing throughout this process. 

  • We have multiple patents showcasing our ability to customize and create new blends for the oxidation challenges of tomorrow. 

  • We have an Innovation Steering Committee with representatives from Videka, Kalsec and Symrise Pet Food where we plan and execute on novel development projects for the future. 

Next Gen
High Quality
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High Quality Products You Can Trust

  • We stand by the quality of our ingredients, manufacturing and products with hundreds of orders reaching our customers without any quality issues. 

  • Videka formulates and promotes products in accordance with local and regional regulatory bodies, including but not limited to AAFCO, USDA, FDA, CFIA and EFSA.  

What can we help you with? 
We help you get the most out of our product so you can get the best value for yours. 

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