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Dry Blends that are Extremely Cost-Effective

Oxidation causes rancidity, making the flavors and smells of petfoods unappealing which can result in both pets and pet parents rejecting the product. Decreased nutritional value and the possibility of causing negative health effects for pets are also caused by oxidation. 

Videka provides antioxidant solutions to stabilize fats, protein meals and finished petfood products throughout every step of your process. We invite customers to share in the process of innovation, providing access to our experts, technical knowledge, facilities, methods, reports and aftermarket support. We bring the customer into the process from the start, beginning with the project briefs. We share detailed knowledge consistently; providing test results and the opportunity to give you a deeper understanding of your products. 


The Greenway line is composed of dry blends that are best used in applications that need lipid oxidation protection with a combination of tocopherols and other secondary antioxidants.

Applications can include:

  • Premixes for Pet Food

  • Premixes for Pet Treats

The use of selected botanical extracts at a specific ratio in each type of Greenway guarantees maximum antioxidant protection in the targeted petfood. The synergistic effect obtained by these combinations of extracts makes the Greenway blends extremely cost-effective.

The Right Products

We want to collaborate with you to meet your unique needs and codevelop food protection solutions to improve freshness and safety. 


Contact us to learn more about how our customized solutions can

work for you and your brand.

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