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Our Team Members

Laurence Pouhaut

Laboratory Technician

Laurence joined the Videka team in January 2022 as the Laboratory Technician in Europe.


Francine St-Pierre

Product Director- Food Protection​

Francine joined the Videka team in 2021 to lead their marketing and product management.


Jian Li

Scientific Manager


Dorreh Khorramzadeh

Technical Support Manager​

Dorreh joined Videka in 2021 as the Technical Support Manager in Europe


Lionel Flament

SalesManager, EMEA

Lionel came on board as Videka's Sales Manager for Europe in January 2022. ​


Nico Coneggo

Senior Technical Sales & Service Manager

Nico joined Videka in 2012 and is the Senior Technical Sales & Service Manager.


Vikki Daly

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Vikki has been the Regulatory Manager at Videka since 2020.


Robb Caseria

Managing Director

Robb is the Managing Director for Videka, since 2019.


Austin Angell

Rendering Sales Manager

Austin joined the team in December 2020 to bolster Videka’s support of the rendering industry.


Shanna Freeland

Customer Experience & Business Analytics Manager

Shanna joined Videka as the Customer Experience & Business Analytics Manager in 2021.

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